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With personality,
in an ever-changing world

Hairstyling is our world, a promise of change. Because beauty itself always turns into something new, as a form of social and individual expression towards modernity. We have been working with salons and hairstylists for many years, and we have learnt that, to make a difference, you need to anticipate, experiment, create. Be able to read the times you live in. We work with different professional figures and use cross skills to provide hairstylists with the most innovative products, the best technologies, and a proper artistic vision to make their way with personality. Towards the future.

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JFL brand

Beauty is by nature a blend, and the art of enhancing it must not follow one marked path. Our lab created the JFL brand products: professional cosmetics and tools characterized by technology, innovation and high quality. Dedicated to hairstylists.

A shop designed for professionals.

We know your time is precious. Our shop is designed to give authonomy in the purchase and in the choice of the products. We aim at overcoming the limits of traditional sales to salons. Easy, intuitive. All it takes for a smart shopping experience, following the rythms of life and work.

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