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We are joung, vibrant and curious to explore our business field with commitment and competence. We love communicating the way we work in an easy and effective manner. This has helped us to become a trusted and reliable reference for hairstyling professionists, that we provide with the best products and tools, as well as with targeted advice to increase their achievements.

Jfl Laboratorio

The lab

This is our space of development and experimentation. There are messy desks, open spaces with no doors to divide the workstations, a phone always ringing and people that come and go. You can hear some silence, at times: we are studying, or finally creating something we have been working on. This is when our personal, unique skills are at work. Our movable stool, so comfortable, has become a sort of symbol of our sharing attitude: it's lightweight and it follows our movements, whenever we need to exchange ideas. To us, in other words, the lab is a permanent dimension of work: dynamic, open to the knowledge of the sorroundings, open to each-others' skills. We look for ideas to make hairstyling a better world.

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Our mission

We want to offer a different service to our customers. To do so, we develop quality products, tool and strategies that look to the future of this profession, supporting hairstylists on their purpose to stand out with a strong and unique personality. We select the best partners in the local area, seeking new rising talents and giving value to specific expertises. Moreover, we keep updated on trends and on the latest in fashion and market.

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A team of value, value to the team

Putting together different backgrounds and working on skills' upgrading is where we started from. Cultural and technical contamination bring yields, so each person will have their unique value.

Vision and innovation, but keeping it professional

We carry on our creative approach with a professional, customer-oriented attitude. We search for innovation though maintaing firm a close contact with the customers and their trust.

Made in Italy

We believe that, to get our ideas off the ground, we need to work on them firsthand. Keeping control over the project, over the work phases and also over the raw materials required for the production, makes us sure about the results and gives us the autonomy to achieve them.

Vision, identity

Simplicity, and the courage of ideas: our family values

Chiedersi come fare la differenza in un settore in cui le proposte commerciali abbondano è di per sè una sfida. Volevamo lavorare cogliendo lo spirito e le sfide della nostra generazione: di un mondo in evoluzione, tecnologico, informato.

Abbiamo trovato la risposta scegliendo di guardare all'anima del nostro settore, cambiando prospettiva. Immaginiamo l'hairstyling come un' arte creativa capace di esprimere un momento storico, e i suoi professionisti come talenti capaci di seguire le persone nel loro desiderio di manifestare identità sempre più complesse e in ridefinizione. Per questo guardiamo in avanti e cerchiamo quello che secondo noi manca per far emergere con forza uno stile individuale.

Lisa e Anna Magarotto

Lisa Magarotto
Anna Magarotto

Creation, experimentation, growth, exchange, fun: this is JFL.